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The Costa Blanca: Four Top Resorts to Check Out

Spain’s iconic Costa Blanca is one of the country’s most visited tourist destinations. Attracting millions from across Europe and beyond, Costa Blanca is home to pristine white beaches, historic old towns and truly unspoiled Spanish countryside.

The Costa Blanca combines the authentic Spanish experience with all the amenities and conveniences you’d expect of a 21st century holiday destination.  Depending on where you head, you can expect an entirely different though equally enjoyable experience.

What to Eat…

Colourful and vibrant in the extreme, the Costa Blanca is a mecca for food lovers. Be sure to eat your bodyweight in paella, tapas and chorizo, along with local staples such as cremacatalana and arròs a banda. Enjoy the local wines in moderation, but do enjoy them!

Unsurprisingly, seafood is also the order of the day across much of the Costa Blanca. Just be sure to do yourself a favour and follow the locals if looking to sample the true flavours of the region!

Where to Stay…

As for where to base yourself on the Costa Blanca, the following four destinations never disappoint:

Javea (Xàbia)

Perched in the shadow of the dominating Montgo Mountain, Javea has exploded in popularity over recent years. Boasting one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Spain, Javea combines a beautiful old town with a bustling port and so much more besides.

Despite being home to a large expat community, Javea hasn’t suffered the consequences of overdevelopment. It’s every bit the quintessential Spanish experience, with a relaxing, quiet and tranquil ambiance all of its own. Not to mention, boasting some of the finest eateries you’ll ever have the chance to experience.

There are a range of beautiful villas to rent in Javea, search around ad you will surely find something that you like.


An all-time favourite among British visitors to Spain, Benidorm has long been associated with its no-holds-barred party scene. Nevertheless, this represents just one side of this beautiful and thriving resort. Benidorm can be as relaxing or radical as you want it to be!

Perfect for families, groups, couples and seniors, Benidorm is also one of the most affordable resorts in the region.


Approximately 1 hour by boat from Benidorm lies the breathtaking town of Calpe. A simple stroll around the ancient old town is all it takes to understand the charms and treasures of this unique historic gem.

The beach itself is stunning, but there’s far more to Calpe than soaking up the sun for a fortnight. It’s a cultural experience you won’t soon forget and couldn’t feel further removed from the more crowded and developed resorts nearby.


Last but not least, most visitors simply pass through Alicante on the way to their final destination. For anyone with a taste for Spanish art and culture, Alicante is the destination you should be heading to.

Bursting with incredible museums, galleries and installations, Alicante brings the history of Spain to life before your very eyes. The town as a whole is an architectural treasure to behold, with more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding visitors for the duration of their stay.

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