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Do Your Kids Get Bored Easily – Fabulous Family Adventures to Embark on in Guam

As a parent, it can seem absolutely downright shocking how often kids can claim to be “bored”. Those dreaded words of “I’m bored” can come at some of the craziest times where you’re left wondering what exactly it takes to entertain them. Even while on vacation, you’re still not safe from boredom, as they will no doubt be uttering those famous words at least a few times.

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So, let’s say you’ve booked a family trip to the tropical island of Guam. While that may seem exotic and exciting enough to you, it’s best to go into things prepared and have a list of ways to keep the kids entertained. Here’s a look at some fabulous family adventures that will chase the boredom away.

Explore a New Beach Each Day

Guam is known for its breath-taking and vast shoreline, so with that, there are a whole lot of beaches worth exploring. By checking out a different beach each day, kids will get to sample different scenery and water, which will ensure that they don’t feel it’s too repetitive. Some beaches are better suited for small kids such as Tumon Beach, which features shallow water, and Ypao Beach Park, which offers a variety of water and land sports, as well as areas for picnics.

Check Out the Local Aquarium

For families who have traveled great distances to reach Guam, then the underwater life will be hugely different than what they are used to at home. A trip to UnderWater World Tumon will give kids a unique experience. The aquarium is home to thousands of different species, including giant groupers, turtles, rays, and even sharks. You can also purchase an activity package which gives you the ability to swim with the sharks and take part in a “SeaTREK”.

Book an Adventure Tour

Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy an adventure together as a family is to book an adventure-based tour. This can include hiking, zip lining, snorkeling, biking, four-wheel trekking through the woods, paddle boating, go-carting, fishing charters, and so much more. You can literally book a different adventure each day and allow the kids to get a real feel for the island, its people, and landscape.

Stay in Family-Friendly Accommodations

While this isn’t an adventure to embark on, it can help to make the trip more enjoyable overall. Ideally, you want to look for accommodations that are family-friendly, which usually means a bit of extra space such as a suite or multi-bedroom unit, a central location close to all the action, on-site facilities that appeal to the kids, and nearby or on-site dining.

Dusit Thani Guam Resort is a great example of family-friendly hotels in Guam Tumon Bay that check all these boxes and more. It even offers a spectacular three bedroom oceanfront villa (Villa Azul), which will feel like a home away from home.

Be Prepared with Tricks Up Your Sleeve

So, when it comes to chasing away boredom while on holidays in Guam, the key is to do a little advance research and have some tricks up your sleeve.

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